Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Marco!

I’m a Swedish developer and student who enjoys
technology, entrepreneurship & freedom.

Currently I'm running Sharpmind and studying a Master's degree in Interactive Media Technology at Royal Insititue of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have always been interested in the areas of creation and modification, especially when it comes to IT. My interest for these subjects started from screwing in electronics in an age of five. With the interest of technology the incentive to learn how a computer worked was super high. The early adoption in young age gave me an advantage in the technology field. I quickly became the guy who was helped friends, friends parents and parents job sites with work with relation to IT. These skills helped me earn my own money from a young age and thereby keep up with the new and exciting technology which was a factor keeping me motivated. I did like math but browsing the internet in purpose of finding solutions during this time, for whatever IT problem, was what became the foundation of my problem solving.

E arning money to keep up with the technology and being able to feel independent was what back then helped my interest of business to grow. From middle school until secondary school I was doing different kinds of business including repairing electronics, selling them and IT services. Looking back at it now I understand that the love for entrepreneurship grew inside of me already back then and that it always has been a part of me.

I n upper secondary school I was studying IT. It was the first time having a physical teacher teaching programming and other IT subjects. I liked it but I still have great beliefs in learning programming shall be done by trial and error in an industrial approach. In an entrepreneurship course (UF - Ung företagsamhet) me and four other friends got the chance to do just this, practice software development in a industrial approach. The course let us create our own youth company - which was to be called ”Dagens Växjö”. Our business idea was to present daily lunch offers of restaurants, the offers was presented in a website and mobile apps for Android and iOS. It was a great ride which gave us lots of experience in development, sales, economics and social skills. Our business idea was appreciated and rewarded with several prizes in competitions, both in Växjö but also in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

D uring the last year of upper secondary school I started working remotely as a web developer for a company located in Stockholm. I was recommended by one of my friends Jesper Lindström which I had been working closely with in the youth company - a person coming to be one of the key persons to my further career development. During this time I was moving to Gothenburg, where I started studying a BSc degree in Software Engineering and Management. After a bit more than a year employed at the digital agency, half a year into my university studies - me and Jesper decided to leave the agency with the purpose to start our own business.

S harpmind was my new employer, the company I had Co-founded. Me and my company partner decided to build a business based on the experience we had obtained during earlier jobs and own projects - which turned out very well. In Sharpmind we provide digital services in form of web and mobile applications. We provide our services for both own customers but also as sub contractors for larger agencies. Developing and forming Sharpmind from the ground has given me experience in everything from web and app development to design, economics and sales.

T he first term in the third year of my Bachelor studies I was lucky to be nominated for studies abroad. I was staying roughly six months in Hangzhou, China. I was studying business culture and mandarin at Zhejiang University. Moving to a country on your own with a foreign language, was something I noticed giving me more experience than most educations. The exchange resulted in the learnings of a new language, understanding about how different areas of business actually work between the western and asian countries. I also met new kinds of problem solving scenarios, situations were there was no other possibility or way than to learn and accept. In Hangzhou I got in contact with a company (Netease Games) where I did a job as a game tester, it led to experience of not only learning in a educational aspect but also from an industrial point of view. Lastly visiting China also gave me new insight in how differently living can be - which greatly affected what I value today.

S ay bye to Gothenburg and hi to Stockholm. After finishing my bachelor studies in Gothenburg I decided to pack my stuff and move to Stockholm. In Stockholm, besides running Sharpmind, I'm currently studying a MSc degree in Interactive Media Technology at Royal Institute of Technology. One of the great things of being located in Stockholm is the fact that you're close to some of today's greatest companies. I'm looking forward attending further events and meet with more inspiring people here.